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Common Risks of Dehydration Among Seniors


Dehydration is, unfortunately, a common condition among older adults. This is mainly due to the natural physiological changes that happen as they age.

According to the results of a study published in the journal Nutrition and Healthy Aging, 56% of seniors consumed less than 6 glasses of fluid per day, another 9% reported drinking less than 3 glasses per day.

Fortunately, you can take several measures to make sure that your senior loved one does not become another statistic. As your trusted provider of in-home care in Bluffton, South Carolina, we at BeLoved In-Home Care LLC recommend that you begin by being sufficiently informed about the risks that put them at a higher likelihood of dehydration.

Among these risk factors include:

  • A decline in their total body fluid because of age-related factors.
  • A lowered thirst response which means that your senior loved one may not immediately know that they need to drink water.
  • Less efficient kidney function that comes naturally with age.
  • Underlying health conditions that may limit them from moving around and getting water. These are instances where elderly care services can easily address.
  • Side effects from medication intake such as increased urination from diuretics and blood pressure medications, something that usually affects veteran seniors because of conditions related to being in service. This is also something that a dedicated veterans care in South Carolina, like the one we provide, can take care of.
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