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Reasons to Enlist Our Veterans Care Services

Reasons to Enlist Our Veterans Care Services

It is no secret that applying for Veterans Administration’s (VA) Aid and Attendance benefits can be complicated. Thus, along with other factors, it is not surprising that the latest statistics tell us that among over 15 million Vets qualified for the benefit, a measly 3% are taking advantage of it.

Easily become part of those who receive the in-home care in Bluffton, South Carolina, or elsewhere that you and/or your Veteran spouse needs. Enlist the help of our VA-Accredited Benefits Agents. With their assistance, you can easily and properly fill out the application forms. From there, they can take care of the rest of your application process.

We offer this very assistance as part of our veterans care in South Carolina at BeLoved In-Home Care LLC.

This said we understand that you may prefer to still take on the undertaking because you prefer to do the legwork or take charge of your own personal matters. However, the recent CBS News Investigation on local VA Regional Offices have shown how some VA employees conceal benefit applications to reduce their workload.

Thus, regardless of your efforts, you may still end up waiting up to 10 years like many others for the approval of your VA application, which 2/3 of the time will be denied.

Not convinced yet? Here are some of its more specific advantages:

  • No hassle on you or your Veteran spouse
  • An approval rate of 99.5% of the time within 2-5 months, which means you are closer to getting the elderly care service you need
  • Save time, resources, and energy
  • Expertise that’s only possible with a professional who knows the ins and outs of the VA’s Aid and Assistance program

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