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The Hidden Benefits of Companionship Care


If you have been looking into elderly care for your senior loved one, you may have encountered companionship care as a common offering among many service providers. And chances are, you may have probably bypassed it for care services you consider to be more important.

But companionship care does more than keep your senior loved one from getting bored, it also has some benefits that most do not know. We have seen these benefits firsthand as a provider of in-home care in Bluffton, South Carolina at our very own BeLoved In-Home Care LLC where one of our key offerings is companionship care.

Among these hidden benefits include:

  • It has preventive benefits against dementia and other forms of cognitive decline. According to research, it takes as little as 10 minutes of conversation to boost memory.
  • It gives you and your family peace of mind with the reassurance that your seniors are in good company and well-taken cared for.
  • It helps hasten the recovery process because of the anti-inflammatory ad pain-reducing effects of having a companion.
  • It can lower rates of depression and anxiety because it provides social interaction and stimulation.

Thinking of getting companionship care for your senior? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We also offer veterans care in South Carolina for your convenience. As part of this service, our VA-Accredited Benefits Agents can take care of your senior loved one’s application process, all they need to do is fill out the application forms. With their help, they can get you an approval rate of 99.5% of the time within a 2 to 5-month time frame.

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